• Agreena

    A regenerative farming carbon market – supporting farmers to make a sustainable and profitable transition to regenerative agriculture.

    Agreena is a Danish AgTech company supporting the regenerative farming transition in Europe and beyond. Their AgreenaCarbon platform mints, verifies, and sells certificates for carbon sequestered in soil through regenerative practices to climate-focused corporate buyers seeking to offset carbon emissions. Through this marketplace, Agreena provides economic incentives and agronomic support for farmers to become stewards of soil health.

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  • Vanilla Vida

    Supporting the shift from synthetic to natural vanilla.

    Vanilla Vida makes one of the most used premium ingredients for scent and taste available in a natural and more sustainable way.

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  • Elo Health

    Transforming food from the cause of disease to medicine.

    Elo is the Smart Nutrition company turning food from the cause of disease to medicine using the power of data. Elo’s mission capitalizes on the growing consumer appetite for nutrition-focused health solutions underpinned by science.

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  • allplants

    Making it easy and delicious to eat more plants.

    Delivered straight to your door in reusable and recyclable packaging and ready in minutes from your freezer, allplants’ meals are hand-made 24 hours a day by skilled chefs in the company’s own kitchen – Europe’s biggest plant-based kitchen running on 100% renewable energy. Designed for mind-blowing ease and speed to table while minimizing food waste.

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  • Stockeld Dreamery

    Creating the world’s most ambitious cheese.

    Stockeld set off with the vision to create a cheese that is superior in taste and nutrition, constantly striving to use our planet’s resources wisely, accessible to all yet one of the top preferred cheeses by chefs and restaurants. Simply put, the world’s most ambitious cheese.

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  • Planted

    Saving the world one bite at a time.

    Planted is changing the way we eat by offering 100% plant based, 100% animal-product-free ingredients to make delicious plant-based protein. Planted makes ‘meat’ entirely from plants – delicious, healthy, cruelty-free and sustainable; Planted takes only the best raw materials from plants and creates that tasty, nutritious, high-protein and juicy Planted that people love.

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  • FoodSparks by PeakBridge

    Investing in the people, technology, and processes to shape the future of food.

    FoodSparks is a seed / early stage fund committed to creating a more sustainable and efficient food and agricultural system. With combined expertise in managing funds and scaling companies in food R&D, applications, food marketing, and distribution, PeakBridge offers an exclusive opportunity to participate in the burgeoning agrifood tech industry.

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  • Mission Barns

    Real meat — without the animal.

    Mission Barns’s mission is to provide a scalable solution to meat production, all-the-while making meat that is good for you and the world. Mission barns focuses on a sustainable, safe, humane and scalable platform that focuses on cultivated animal fat as an alternative to conventional production. Mission Barns’ first products leverage the deliciousness of Mission Fat™ and the benefits of plant-protein to usher in a whole new level of meaty enjoyment.

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  • iWi

    A farming revolution.

    iWi turns previously unused land into thriving algae farms that have the potential to feed and nourish millions of people. Sustainably farmed in the USA, iWi cultivates algae in the desert with saltwater, powered by the sun. iwi is good for you and every living thing.

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  • Matsmart

    Revolutionizing food waste

    Matsmart/Motatos challenge the thought of sustainable consumption. They want everyone to be able to contribute to saving our planet in an effortless way by revolutionizing the way we view food waste. Matsmart/Motatos, sell already produced surplus goods online at affordable prices.

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  • The Original Oatly!

    It’s like milk, but made for humans.

    Oatly’s sole purpose is to make it easy for people to turn what they eat and drink into personal moments of healthy joy without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process. Oatly aims to create an increasingly sustainable world one beverage at a time.

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  • N!CK’S

    Changing the world, one snack at a time.

    Nicks offers food products intended to revolutionize the market of healthy snacks and sweets. Nicks offers several products including sugar-free ice cream and chocolates, candy bars, ice creams, sweeteners and snacks while using sweeteners and baking mixes with low sugar impact, no added sugar, no palm oil, no wheat and gluten and no artificial sweeteners. Nicks is revolutionizing the way in which we see snacks towards a more healthy, and enjoyable, option.

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  • Tastewise

    The AI platform food brands use to make smarter decisions for a healthy, sustainable, and delicious future

    Tastewise has developed an AI powered food intelligence platform designed to assist restaurants and food retail brands identify consumer taste and preference. From market research to foodservice sales and marketing, Tastewise has you covered.

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